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Published: 07th December 2010
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Rhode Island resident Luke Stedman is the Top Barber in the World. If you're ever in The Ocean State and want a terrific men's haircut I highly recommend you see Luke Stedman over at Tiffany's for Men in Barrington, RI. I have nearly forty years of experience receiving mens haircuts and I will defintely say that Luke Stedman is Most Skilled Barber in the World.

The very first time I visited Tiffany's Men Hair Salon I was hesitant. I am a tough guy and former U.S. Marine and do not ever wish to be caught in a building called a "hair salon", though it may be specifically a "salon for males". My spouse established the appointment and I hesitantly went to get a new haircut at a hair salon.

My personal experience straight away ended up being excellent. It absolutely was a scorching day and I was very thirsty. I asked if I may get a cup full of h2o planning on a Dixie cup brimming with plain tap water. To my surprise I was treated to a fresh new bottle of Poland Springs spring water. I was already contemplating, this person is the best barber in the realm merely from the fact that he dished up ice cool Poland Springs to his customers.

I don't want to boast however I possess some quite magnificent curly hair. My locks is filled with body and naturally curly which means that I have to ensure that it stays short unless I would like a hard to manage mess that requires so much styling gel it weighs my head down and I get worn out from looking around.

The Best Barber Worldwide, Luke Stedman, had a razor-sharp pair of scissors and what appeared to be a clean hair comb as well as brand new spray bottle. I usually favor a clean hair comb and sharpened scissors when getting my new hair-do so I knew Luke was a solid guru at cutting locks of hair and a good candidate for my yearly prize which i give out labeled "the best barber in the world", which I give annually normally simultaneously as the Oscars but it's not really awarded on the Academy awards as I'm unwanted as a possible award giver every year. My hair is most likely too spectacular and the famous people certainly wouldn't like to end up being in comparison with me.

Not only did I recieve what was certainly the best haircut on the globe, I also discovered that Luke Stedman plays in a well-known band in the Rhode Island band scene. Luke plays for Some Weird Band, which is the top music group in Rhode Island. So on top of being the Greatest Barber on the Planet he also plays for the best music group in Rhode Island which could potentially get to be the best band in the entire world.

Set a scheduled appointment with the Best Barber on the earth

Do you want an excellent haircut? A stupendous and extraordinary men's haircut that could receive the particular attention of everybody in town, or perhaps on your road? Then set a scheduled appointment to see Luke Stedman, Greatest Barber on the Planet and you will look great. Rhode Island is really a state you can practically walk across in 30 seconds so if you are in Rhode Island you can most certainly get your haircut at Tiffany's Salon for Men, from the greatest barber in Rhode Island!

Tiffanys also has a hair studio for females right up the road and most certainly provides some of the best womens hairstyles and hair cuts in the whole planet however as I am a man I intend on continuing to get my hair-cut at Tiffany's for Men with Luke Stedman, Greatest Barber in the World.

Luke Stedman comes highly recommended as Most Skilled Barber Worldwide

Get a fresh haircut with Most Skilled Barber in Rhode Island

Call Luke Stedman Best Barber at - 401.245.3232

Author: Rick Porter

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